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High speed for optimum fishing results! The new Carp Royal Knight feeding boat is one of the fastest bait boats on the market. Powered by two high-performance motors, it delivers bait to your spots at top speed. It also offers GPS function with autopilot and a sonar preparation for easy connection of the new Carp Royal Toslon X sonar in seconds. The side-mounted bait hoppers offer space for a total of 2-3 kilograms of feed. All functions can be controlled easily and intuitively using the TOSLON one-hand touch remote control.

This boat was developed at the request of many anglers who value the ability to

– cover longer distances faster
– fish in strong currents
– to tip their boilies, baitfish and bales of food gently and just above the water

The journey of the KNIGHT feed boat is displayed on the TOSLON touch screen. Here you can see the route from the HOME storage point to the spot storage points, for example.


2-3 KG feed capacity
Top speed 4.6m/second
100 GPS spots on the water
600 metre range
L=700 mm W=320 mm H=230 mm
Built-in GPS chip
TOSLON automatic autopilot
Feed & Come Home function
Carp Royal TOSLON X Fishfinder Ready
Electronic compass
Rangefinder boat <-> remote control shore position
Automatically open and close feed hatches
Easy trips over water lilies and weed beds
Powerful lighting system for optimum visibility at night
Use of the fail-free system in the event of signal failure / return to the shore
Stable position in the water thanks to streamlined design
Battery life of up to 2-4 hours with lithium-ion batteries (depending on the speed settings).


Scope of delivery:

Batteries  (1 x Boat 11.1V / 10Ah) (Handset 3 x 3.7V14650mAh)
Antenna in 2.4 GHZ
Bevelled inserts for the feed hatches
Bait Boat and Handset






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