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Krištof Cuderman <img src="" class="country" />


Krištof Cuderman

Highlight of angling career:
2 world records: catching 70lb+ carp in six
different countries (the 1st person in the world to do this), catching
30kg+ carp in seven different countries (the 1st person in the world to do

National records:
Slovenia Mirror record 2009, Slovenia record 2011,
Austria record 2012, Austria record 2013, Slovenia Mirror record 2013,
Bosnia record 2014


Short Interview:

1. When you was start fishing and when you choose carp fishing?
I have been doing fishing from a very early age. I used to go fishing with my grandfather for all kinds of fish (trout, chub, pike, carp etc.) when I was still a little child. I started to do modern carp fishing in 2002 when I was 15 years old.

2. Why carps?
Good question. It's hard to say why I was so drawn to them in the beginning. Probably for their size and the way they fight. When I was really young I didn't care what I went fishing for, as long as I was fishing and in nature I was happy.

3. What type of fishing you prefer? By cast or when you can use a boat?
Definitely using a boat and bait boat. Of course I also fish lakes where the boat is not allowed but the fishing sessions where I can use my boat are my favorite.

4. Normally I am asking my guest do they like fishing abroad. I know that you are do it often. Where you have been for searching carps?
Yes I love new challenges and getting to know new lakes. Each lake is special and needs a different approach. So far I have fished Austria, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, France, England, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

5. In 2015 on your facebook profile you have add photo of magazine where we can read that you have caught 50 lb+ carps in 11 countries. What is your result now?
Yes, I've caught 50 lb+ carp in 11 different countries by 2015. I haven't added any new countries to that list since because I have been focusing on 30 kg+ and 70 lb+ carp in the past few years.

6. Next is your 30+ kg carps. How many carps and how many countries you have on your list?
As I've mentioned I have focused mostly on carp over 30 kg and 70 lb (31,6 kg) in the past few years. I am currently at 7 countries over 30 kg and 6 countries over 70 lb. It's an achievement nobody has come close to and which I am very proud of. It took a lot of dedication, work and patience to reach this goal. Each of the fish is very special to me, I can shortly describe why:
Bled (Slovenia) – I caught the record carp of the lake in 2011 – a beautiful common weighing 30,7 kg. Last year I missed the 70 lb goal by only 300 grams. I caught a mirror weighing 31,4 kg.
Parco del Brenta (Italy) – On my second session at this lake I caught the biggest fish of the lake named Faustina with 32,3 kg. I missed the record weight of the lake by only 200 grams.
Etang 5 (France) – big and hard lake to fish. I was at the lake for the first time and on the 6th day I caught biggest carp of the lake – Big Girl weighing 38,6 kg (85,1lb).
Pelagičevo (Bosna) – I first visited the lake in april 2014 and set the new Bosnian record at the time with a carp of 32 kg.
Fzz (Austria) – I caught Erna (biggest carp in Austria) four times and each time I caught her I improved my personal best. At the same time it was twice the new record carp of Austria. Last time I have her with 39,8 kg.
Monster carp lake (Romania) – I caught the biggest fish of the lake two years ago weighing 31,8 kg and named it Dynamite which is after the name of my sponsors Dynamite Baits to who I will always be really grateful to for all their continuous help and support.
Šumbar (Croatia) – I recently managed to catch two amazing carp in one session – a mirror 37,1 kg and a common 32,3 kg.

7. What does it feel like to be a world record holder?
I am very proud of the title, mostly because I know all the sacrifices I had to make and things I had to do to achieve it. When I think of the title I first think of all the challenges, only then all the happy and excited moments. I definitely wouldn't have achieved all of this if I haven't always set myself big personal goals. I think we should all aspire to high but realistic goals. Only that way we can achieve great things.